Code of Conduct

Szabis Driving School is committed to building and maintaining a safe, inclusive and educational online learning environment for the Beginner Driver Education course.

The Student Code of Conduct reflects the expectation that students will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Szabis Driving School’s policies as well as in compliance with all federal, provincial and municipal laws.

Personal Safety Rules

You are responsible for:

  • any and all use of your account; therefore, you must maintain a secure password for safeguard against others obtaining unauthorized access to your account
  • not sharing passwords or any other access control information for your account
  • not revealing in-depth personal information about your identity

Academic Integrity

You are responsible for:

  • representing yourself honestly in all communications, assignments, homework, activities, tests, and other correspondence
  • complying with all copyright and license conditions associated with Szabis Driving School and other partner content
  • not submitting work that is plagiarized or otherwise violates copyright laws of Canada
  • plagiarized work also includes completing the modules with the help of others or in a group setting. The entire curriculum is to be completed by the registered student.
  • not participating in academic dishonesty which includes but not limited to assisting student(s) in their assignments, homework, activities, tests and other correspondence

Prohibited Uses and Activities

You may not:

  • use another individual’s account or grant another individual access to your account
  • interfere with the work of other students or staff
  • use your personal cellular device to assist with online learning
  • copy, download, install or run viruses or add inappropriate and unauthorized content
  • damage or erase information belonging to any person
  • copy, transfer or use files, programs or any other information for any reason whatsoever unless the licensing specifically permits
  • use Szabis Driving School’s content and learning for profit or commercial gain
  • breach security measures, hack records or any other type of disruption
  • use inappropriate language and/or conduct that is offensive, abusive, derogatory, sexually explicit, and suggests violence, hatred or discrimination


Inappropriate use of online access by students and staff could result in disciplinary action that may include legal action and/or involvement of police.

As a student participating in this online learning environment, you will hereby abide by all rules and regulations published in this course and in this Code of On-line Conduct. As well as agree that you may be subject to disciplinary procedures established to address any alleged violation.