Driving Instructors

Szabi Félegyházi

Szabi Felgyhazi, owner of Szabi's Driving School.

I was born back in Europe, then came to Brantford in 2015. I’ve been studying many things throughout the years that are as follows: car mechanic, mechanical engineering, AutoCAD designing and I even went to culinary school. Somehow though, I ended up being a driving instructor at my uncle's driving school. Doing it and loving it ever since.

I enjoy meeting new people almost every day and love helping them to be a better driver on the road. I also speak four languages which are: Hungarian, German, Romanian and English. As for my hobbies, I enjoy crafting things, playing soccer and volleyball and in the wintertime, skiing is my all-time favourite hobby. When I have some free time, I don’t mind playing the occasional video game either.

Szabi Felegyhazi's online driving teaching certificate.Szabi Felegyhazi's classroom teaching certificate.Szabi's Felegyhazi's in-car teaching certificate.